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L③家庭 C连接是一个新的 online resource to help you and your student thrive 在bet36365体育! Keep up with news and events, engage with other Loper families, and connect with important information and resources.

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家长 & 家庭 咨询

bet36365体育 understands the importance of a partnership with parents and families to support students. 的 父母与家庭 咨询 is here to answer your questions, engage parent and family members with the University, and promote student success, 健康, 和安全.

We are currently looking for new parents to join the PFA Leadership Ambassadors! Find out more about this great opportunity to be involved with your child's education on the 家长 家庭 咨询.

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Spring 家庭 Weekend: 2月23日-25

学生 and 家庭过渡 invites your whole family to attend Spring 家庭 Weekend! 活动包括:


- Softball vs Briar Cliff at 1 pm and 3 pm


- Softball vs Briar Cliff at 12 pm and 2 pm
- Women's Basketball vs Pittsburg State at 2 pm
- Men's Basketball vs Pittsburg State at 4 pm
- Indoor tailgate with Food , Games, and Prizes during Women's and Men's Basketball games.
- Succulent Garden Workshop at Steinbring Landscaping and Greenhouses at 9:30 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 3:30pm ($40 per person)


- Women's Tennis ITA DII National Team Indoor Championship
- 的 Minutes by Tracy Letts at 的 World 的ater at 7 pm each night (All tickets are $25, 学生10美元)

Join the 家庭 Meeting

的 Office of 学生 and 家庭过渡 hosts monthly 家庭 Meetings. 的se informal workshops are held via zoom and address topics that impact student success.

2023 Outstanding 家庭 Award: the Holbrook 家庭

"My parents have always wanted me to further my education, something neither of them were completely successful at. I am the fifth of sixth children in my family, but only the third to attend a university. My parents had some background on the college system because of this, but every school is different and every child is new. My parents have been great supporters of my journey through college. 的y always make sure to text me that they are thinking about me and ask me about upcoming assignments and tests they can be praying for me about.

"My parents understand how important my schoolwork is to me, so they never discourage me from working even when it may interfere with family time. My family financially can not afford to aid me much, but they always make sure I have gas money and some cooked meals to take back to campus with me. When I am stressed, confused, or doubting myself my parents are on of the first people I turn to. I am extremely thankful for them.”


卡莉·霍尔布鲁克 poses for a photo with her parents

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bet36365体育科学日 Bruner Hall of Science (east campus) and Discovery Hall (west campus) | 8:00am
Blue Gold 家长 Guide

Blue Gold 家长 Guide

Our bet36365体育父 Guide will help parents become familiar with resources available to students. It covers student life, 学者, 学生服务, and campus resources to help students transition to college life and be successful 在bet36365体育. 交互式大学宣传册